Day: April 8, 2024

Carbon Monoxide Data LoggerCarbon Monoxide Data Logger

carbon monoxide data logger

The carbon monoxide data logger can measure and record CO levels, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure over time. It comes complete with a USB interface, easy-to-use software and ISO calibration certificate.

This device is an ideal solution for monitoring the ambient air quality of a room or building over extended periods of time. The meter can also record a number of additional environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature.

Monitoring Carbon Monoxide Levels: The Role of a Data Logger

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a clear, odorless and tasteless poisonous gas that results from incomplete fuel combustion and can cause serious injury or death at high concentrations. It can also build up in the blood stream depleting oxygen and is particularly dangerous for infants, children, elderly people or those with heart disease or breathing problems.

A carbon monoxide data logger measures and records CO readings, stored in non-volatile memory. The logger can be viewed at any time by connecting it to a PC using a standard Type C USB cable and the free EasyLog software. The logged data can then be graphed, printed or exported into other analysis applications.

Each EL-USB-CO Carbon Monoxide Data Logger is supplied with a replaceable long life lithium battery that will give a maximum measurement range of 32,510 CO readings and can operate at temperatures between -10 to +40degC. A user programmable alarm threshold can be set and a bright red LED and buzzer will flash when this is exceeded.