Reinvent Er Calais blog Why Are My Vee Pro Coils Drying Out?

Why Are My Vee Pro Coils Drying Out?

If you’re new to vaping then it’s likely that your coil is still ‘drying out’ – this is because when you take a hit from the coil, air passes through the wick and into the coil which essentially makes it dry out. This can be solved by ensuring the wicking is properly primed (see below).

The nvee pro coils may have changed if you haven’t used it for a long time. Exposure to UV, heat, and oxygen from the air can cause e-liquids to darken, this is known as oxidization. The oxidation process also affects the taste of your e-liquid.

Keeping it Fresh: All About Nvee Pro Coils

You may be chain vaping too often which means your atomizer is heating up too quickly. This means the wicking can’t saturate in between hits which can lead to a burnt taste. If this is a problem for you then try changing to a new coil priming it correctly, and vaping it less frequently.

One of the biggest mistakes that new vapers make is failing to properly ‘prime’ their coils. This is simple, but crucial. Priming a coil simply involves taking a few puffs without firing up the device, to ‘puff in’ e-liquid and saturate the wicking material before using it.

The resistance of your coil dictates the wattage range that you should have your vape kit set to. If your wattage is too high then the wicking will burn, causing a delicious bouquet of burnt cotton!

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